FIA Handwritten Notes for Exam Preparation

Salam to everyone! Here is a pdf notes file that contains FIA competitive handwritten exam material which is important for FIA exams for all seats like Assistant FIA, Inspector, Sub inspector, UDC, LDC, and Constable. please download form below links….

FIA Notes for Job Exams:

Details About FIA

FIA Stand For:

Federal Investigation Agency

  • It was established under the FIA act 1974.
  • It was promulgated on 13 January 1975.

Objectives to deal with:

  • Smuggling
  • Passports
  • Currency offences
  • Foreigners Immigration
  • Provincial ramifications offence

Vision: to serve as a role model for provincial police forces.

Mission of FIA:

  • To achieve excellence in FIA
  • To promote culture of merit
  • Providing Continuous Training
  • Effective internal accountability ‎‫‬‎
  • Encouraging use of Technology

When FIA Founded?

  • First came into the in 1942 during second world war to take up investigation of corruption, rampant in the supplies.
  • It was named as a special Police establishment.
  • After independence 1947, named as PSPE. (Pakistan Special Police Establishment).
  • Mr. G. Ahmad in his report on “police reforms” submitted to the cabinet on 7 April 1972.
  • Consequently, the FIA, act 1974 was promulgated on 13 January1975 bringing FIA into existence.

Head of FIA:

  • FIA is headed by a Director-General (DG).
  • DG is appointed by the federal government.
  • Generally, very senior police (BPS 21/22)
  • The current DG FIA is Dr Sanaullah Abbasi (PSP).
  • FIA is monitored by the ministry of interior.

Role of Interpol:

  • National central bureau Interpol in Pakistan was originally setup in 1957. It is presently a bureau of FIA, Located in Islamabad.
  • DG FIA is Head of this bureau.
  • It deals in multiple important Cases i-e international police Cooperation, fighting against crimes— etc.

Motto of FIA:

  • Truth and honesty.

Formed: 13 January, 1975

Legal Jurisdiction: Constitution of Pak.

Governing Body: Government of Pakistan

Head Quarters of FIA: Islamabad, Pakistan

Major Units of FIA:

1) CTW (Counter Terrorism Wing)

2) CW (Crime Wing)

3) NCB (National Central Bureau)

4) Interpol (International Criminal police organization)

5) IW (Immigration Wing)

6) TW (Technical Wing)

7) LB Legal Branch (LB (Legal Branch (1 7)

8) AHTW (Anti-Human-Trafficking wing.)

9) AW (Administration wing)

10) ECW (Economic Crime Wing)

11) CCW (cybercrime wing)

12) CC (Complaint Center)

13) ECL (Exit Control List)

For more information about FIA please download pdf above…

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