Thu. May 18th, 2023

    Salam to everyone! This Pdf file contains FPSC past papers by M. Imtiaz Shahid. This book has a lot of past papers that are held under Federal Public Service Commission Exams. This past paper will be helpful for the preparation for FPSC competitive exams. Download it below the link…

    FPSC Past Papers PDF:

    : میں PDF ایف پی ایس سی کے سابقہ امتحانات

    FPSC Past Papers Solved MCQs PDF 37th Edition

    By: M. Imtiaz Shahid, Advanced Publishers

    FPSC Past Papers with Answers PDF 52th Edition

    By: M. Imtiaz Shahid, Advanced Publishers

    About these Books:

    These Books are a combination of original and model papers, this has FPSC and other federal model papers. New revised and updated editions. This book is best for FPSC screening tests, English, Mathematics, UTS, STS, OTS, PTS, BTS, and all other allied examinations.

    Added Features:

    • Sample Model Papers
    • English,
    • Mathematics,
    • Arithmetic,
    • General Abilities,
    • Test Analogy Questions

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