Advance PPSC Original Book Pdf Latest 87th Edition 2022 By Imtiaz Shahid

Salam to everyone! This Pdf Book Contains Advanced PPSC Book Latest 87th Edition (2022) By M Imtiaz Shahid. It has Model Papers Original Solved Papers by PPSC Job Tests. It will be Helpful for newbies to prepare PPSC competitive Exam. This edition of the book is up to date with PPSC Model Papers 2022 also include.

Advance PPSC Imtiaz Shahid Latest Edition 87th (2022)

Book Benefits:

This book will be helpful for preparing general of PPSC competitive exam. And it helps to prepare of subjects like general knowledge, History, English, Science, Math, Urdu, Islamic Studies, Currant Affairs, Pak Studies and many more. It will help you to clear the PPSC competitive job exam…

It Contains:

> Come with Answer Keys

> Totally Revised & Updated Edition

> Introducing a new style of paper pattern

> Including Solved Mathematics Questions

> The first and pioneer book of PPSC Papers

> The Largest & updated collection of Papers

> All mistakes in original papers are mentioned

> Department-wise arrangement &categorization

> PPSC’s new Syllabus for General Ability MCQs Test

New Features:

> Updated figures

> Updated personalities

> Explanation of difficult terms

> With Background information

> Explanation of tricky questions

> Short information for interviews

> Explanation of problematic questions

> Guidelines for preparing and attempting question papers’

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