Ilmi General Knowledge Book Pdf

Salam to everyone! This is a Pdf Book that contains a large number of General Knowledge MCQs that is helpful in preparation of all competitive exams for jobs like CSS, PMS, PPSC, FPSC and other exams. This is a Comprehensive Famous General Knowledge Books by Rai Muhammad Iqbal Kharal.

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علمی جنرل نالج کتاب ڈاونلوڈ کریں۔۔

Ilmi General Knowledge Book Pdf

by: Rai Muhammad Iqbal Kharal

General Knowledge MCQs:

1. Where would you find Mount Etna volcano?

(a) Greece

(b) Soly

(c) Peru

(d) Indonesia

2. HIBOK VOLCANO which exploded in 1951 present in

(a) Philippines

(b) Indonesia

(c) Chile

(d) Italy

3. Vesuvius is the name of

(a) A valley of deserts

(b) Mountain in Germany

(c) A path under water

(d) Volcano in Italy

4. Where would you find the Erebus volcano?

(a) New Zealand

(b) Greece

(c) Chile

(d) Antarctica

5. Santorini Volcano is located where?

(a) Greece

(b) Mexico

(c) Italy

(d) Alaska

6. Karkar is located where?

(a) Japan

(b) New Guinea

(c) Indonesia

(d) New Zealand

7. What is the molten rock material under the earth’s crust known as?

(a) Lava

(b) Magma

(c) Molten rock

(d) Ash

8. Where is the molten rock stored whilst underground?

(a) Magma Reservoir

(b) Secondary vent

(c) Man vent

(d) Magma chamber

9. What is the most deadly form of eruption?

(a) Just lava

(b) A mixture of lava, ash and dust

(c) Just ash and dust

(d) Pyroclastic flow

10. Which lake is considered as a lake within a volcano within a lake?

(a) Taal Lake

(b) Mauna Loa

(c) Mount Krakatau

(d) Mount Fuji

11. What does “dormant” mean when used to refer to a volcano?

(a) Extinct

(b) Sleeping

(c) Ready to erupt

(d) None of these

12. Volcanic ML Etna is located in?

(a) Hawaii USA

(b) Indonesia

(c) Italy (Sicily)

(d) Kenya

13. Fujiyama in Japan is a?

(a) Fishing River

(b) Lake of Tokyo

(c) Volcano mountain

(d) North Sea

14. Stromboli volcano is located in the?

(a) Chile

(b) Philippines

(c) Indonesia

(d) Sicily (Italy)

15. ML Katmai valley in Alaska is known as the

(a) Valley of beauty

(b) Valley of volcanoes

(c) Valley of ten thousand smokes

(d) None of these

16. What is the highest large lake in the world?

(a) Lake Titicaca

(b) Grand Lake

(c) Lake Baikal

(d) Lake Malawi

17. What is the world’s lowest lake?

(a) Caspian Sea

(b) Dead Sea

(c) Baltic Sea

(d) Red Sea

18. Which country of Europe is known as the Country of Lakes?

(a) Finland

(b) Italy

(c) France

(d) Spain

19. What is the largest natural lake found in Africa?

(a) Lake Victoria

(b) Lake Nyasa

(c) Laka Tanganyika

(d) Lake Chad

20. What is Europe’s largest lake?

(a) Lake Ladoga

(b) Lake Onega

(c) Vanem

(d) Lake Peipus

21. Limnology is the study of what?

(a) Fruit

(b) Deltas and estuaries

(c) Ocean currents

(d) Lakes and ponds

22. Where in Europe is Lake Vanem located?

(a) Finland

(6) Latvia

(c) Estonia

(d) Sweden

23. Where in Europe is Lake Saimaa located?

(a) Estonia

(b) Russia

(c) Latvia

(d) Finland

24. Where in Europe is Lake Windermere located?

(a) Scotland

(b) Ireland

(d) Wales

(d) England

25. Where in Europe Is Lake Loch Lomond located?

(a) Ireland

(b) Wales

(c) Scotland

(d) England

26. Where in Europe is Lake Ladoga located?

(a) Ukraine

(b) Russia

(c) Finland

(d) Belarus

27. Where in Europe is Lake Peipus located?

(a) Estonia and Latvia

(b) Russia and Lithuania

(c) Russia and Latvia

(d) Russia and Estonia

28. Where in Europe is Lake Balaton located?

(a) Hungary

(b) Serbia

(c) Czech Republic

(d) Romania

29. Coeur d’Alene Lake is in which country?

(a) USA

(b) Netherlands

(c) Mexico

(d) France

30. Where is Lake Michigan?

(a) USA (Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota)

(b) USA Michigan, Indiana, Monois, Wisconsin)

(c) USA (Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota) and Canada (Ontario)

(d) USA (Michigan, Pennsylvania. Ohio, New Yor) and Canada Ontario)

31. Where is Lake Balkhash?

(a) Kyrgyzstan

(b) China

(c) Kazakhstan

(d) Russia

32. Where is Lake Ysyk-Kol?

(a) Tajikistan

(b) Kyrgyzstan

(c) Uzbekistan

(d) Turkmenistan

33. Where is the Aral Sea?

(a) Kazakhstan and Russia

(b) Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan

(c) Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

(d) Uzbekistan and Russia

34. Where is the Caspian Sea?

(a) Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Iran

(b) Russia, Kazakhstan. Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iran

(c) Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan

(d) Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran

35. Where is Lake Van?

(a) Armenia

(b) Azerbaijan

(c) Georgia

(d) Turkey

36. Where is Lake Lop Nur?

(a) Mongolia

(b) Kazakhstan

(c) Kyrgyzstan

(d) China

37. Where is Lake Toba?

(a) Malaysia

(b) Indonesia

(c) Papua New Guinea

(d) Philippines

38. Where is Lake Laguna de Bay?

(a) Malaysia

(b) Indonesia

(c) Philippines

(d) Taiwan

39. Where is Lake Biwa?

(a) Japan

(6) North Korea

(c) South Korea

(d) Indonesia

40. Where is the Dead Sea?

(a) Israel and Jordan

(b) Israel

(c) Israel and Syria

(d) Jordan

41. Where is Lake Assad?

(a) Syria

(b) Iran

(c) Iraq

(d) Jordan