Computer Fundamental Notes Pdf Download

This is a Pdf file of Computer Fundamental Notes, which are very comprehensive notes and all the information from basic level to advanced level is given. All the information is explained in these notes in a very simple manner so that it is easy for students of all levels to understand.

Fundamental of Computer Pdf Notes

A computer is an electronic machine used to solve different problems according to a set
of instructions given to it. A computer can accept data and process data into useful information
and store it for later use.

History of Computer:

(i) Abacus
Abacus was the first computing device. It was developed 5000 years ago. It was used
to perform simple addition and subtraction.

(ii) John Napier’s Bone
John Napier was a Scottish mathematician. He created logarithm tables to facilitate
calculations. He also created a device known as Napier’s Bones.

(iii) Blaise Pascal
Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician. He invented a mechanical adding
machine in 1642 known as Pascaline calculator.

(iv) Von Leibnitz
Von Leibniz was a German scientist. He developed a calculation machine in 1694. It
was the first calculator that could multiply and divide also. It was similar to Pascal’s
calculator but it was more reliable and accurate.

(v) Charles Xavier
A French scientist Charles Xavier developed a machine that could perform addition,
subtraction, multiplication and division.

(vi) Punched Board
A French engineer Joseph developed the punchboard system for power looms. It was
used to create specific weaving patterns on cloths. Later on, the system was used in
computing devices.

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