Idioms and Phrases in Pdf Notes Download

Here are the Idioms and Phrases in Pdf Notes, these notes have a lot of Idioms and Phrases that are very helpful for competitive test preparation like CSS, PMS, PPSC, FPSC NTS and Other. These Notes Compiled by Bader Ul Hassan Khan.

Idioms and Phrases Pdf

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Some Book Questions:

“TO EGG ON” means?
A. to advise
B. to ask
C. to urge
D. to warn

“MALA FIDE” means?
A. Bad intention
B. Genuine
C. Trustworthy
D. Generous

“Weal and woe” means?
A. Up & down
B. Joys & sorrows
C. whole heartedly
D. Extreme hate

idiom of “Rides the high horse”?
A. went on gambling
B. bought a horse
C. superior
D. None of them

Khan is always ready to “Eat anyone,s salt”?

A. To be one,s guest
B. To cook tasty dishes

C. An infectious disease
D. None

The people of the village Afzal Khan are “the salt of the earth”?
A. Kind
B. Rich
C. Educated
D. Qurralsome

To face the music means?
A. To be greeted rudely
B. To be offered warm hospitailty
C. To be on the front seat in a concert
D. To bear the consequences

Rule of thumb means ?
A. Mark of thumb on a legal paper
B. a rough estimate
C. an easy choice
D. an unknown rule

Have an Axe to Grind means?
A. To use axe frequently
B. Selfish motive
C. To have a dispute with someone
D. To be fair with someone

Choose the correct meaning of idiom: Beat about the bush?
A. Try to meet George Bush
B. Avoid the main topic
C. To make noise
D. To accompany someone in a jungle

The idiomatic phrase “Spick and Span” means?
A. Wisdome and foresight
B. Watch the weather
C. spotlessly clean
D. Deceive somebody

What do you mean by Novel?

A. Short prose
B. A long fictional prose with many characters
C. A short narrative prose
D. A literary work on stage

What the term Short Story stands for:
A. A long prose fiction
B. A story of figurative language
C. A story of many characters
D. A short prose fiction

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