World General Knowledge PDF Book Download

Here is the World General Knowledge Pdf Book. This book is a very comprehensive book on the topic of the world of general knowledge, it has forty different topics of general knowledge that are very helpful for the preparation of competitive job exams. Preparation of general knowledge is very important because a lot of questions come from this subject.

General Knowledge of World PDF


Topic 01: Mountains

Topic 02: Important Mountain Passes

Topic 03: Oceans

Topic 04: Famous Sea Ports

Topic 05: Famous Straits

Topic 06: World Rivers

Topic 07: Famous Islands

Topic 08: Famous Deserts

Topic 09: Important Geographical Lines

Topic 10: Important Streets

Topic 11: Cities On River Banks

Topic 12: National Emblem

Topic 13: Famous Epithets

Topic 14: News Agencies Of Different Countries

Topic 15: Headquarters Of World Organisations

Topic 16: Pakistan Is A Member Of International Organizations

Topic 17: Important Days

Topic 18: Important Books & Their Authors

Topic 19: Important Battles

Topic 20: Highest Military Awards

Topic 21: World Parliaments

Topic 22: Father’s Of Different Fields

Topic 23: Old To New Names

Topic 24: International Airlines

Topic 25: First, Largest, Biggest, Longest, Oldest

Topic 26: Discoveries And Inventions

Topic 27: Scientific Instruments

Topic 28: Units Of Measurement

Topic 29: Universe

Topic 30: Various Sciences

Topic 31: Vitamins

Topic 32: Physical Properties

Topic 33: Rays And Waves

Topic 34: Adventures In Space

Topic 35: Scientists

Topic 36: Computer

Topic 37: Important Abbreviations

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