200+ PPSC MCQs with Answers Pdf Download

Here is a Pdf File of 200+ PPSC MCQs with Answers, that’s very helpful for preparation of all competitive exams like CSS, PPSC, FPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, NTS and other job exams. This Pdf has a very important question with answers for all types of students.

PPSC Solved MCQs Pdf

Some of Book Questions & Answers:

  1. The construction, administration and scoring of tests as the measurement process, interpreting such scores, saying whether they are good or bad for a specific purpose is evolution. Was this stated by? Stanley and Hopkins
  2. Assessment and evaluation are? Continuous process
  3. Which one is the process of finding the value of something? Evaluation
  4. Educational measurement refers to any device for the general study and practice of testing, scaling and appraising the outcomes of? Educational process
  5. The allocation of scores to the results of instruction and/or learning at school is called? Educational measurement
  6. The difference between a speed test and a power test that has to do with it? Time limit allotted for completion of the items
  7. The learning method that is associated with observing of behavior of other is called? Learning by Limitation
  8. The concept of educating child on the basis of his interest and inclination is called? Psycho base
  9. Results of analog computers are reliable? Less
  10. Who was Plato‟s famous Greek mentor? Socrates
  11. Who was Aristotle‟s famous Greek mentor? Plato
  12. X‟ and Theory Y are theories of human motivation and management.
  13. Theory X and Theory Y were created and developed by Douglas McGregor in the 1960s.
  14. Tyler’s curriculum model was given in 1949
  15. McGregor terms the two models as „Theory X‟, which stresses the importance of strict supervision and external rewards and penalties; and „Theory Y‟, which highlights the motivating role of job satisfaction and allows scope for workers to approach tasks creatively.
  16. Theory X considers that on the whole, workers dislike their work, and have little inherent motivation to perform well.

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