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Here is a very famous book by well-known Islamic scholar Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah. The Introduction to Islam Book is a comprehensive exploration of the fundamental principles and practices of Islam. In this enlightening book, Dr. Hamidullah delves into various aspects of the Islamic faith, offering readers a profound understanding of its rich tapestry.

From a detailed biography of the Prophet of Islam to an exploration of the preservation of original teachings, the book navigates through topics such as the Islamic conception of life, faith, devotional practices, spiritual cultivation, morality, and the economic and political systems of Islam. With clarity and depth, each chapter unfolds to reveal the essence of Islamic beliefs and practices, providing readers with a holistic perspective on religion.


Chapter 1 … The Prophet of Islam — His Biography
Chapter 2 … Preservation of the Original Teachings of Islam
Chapter 3 … The Islamic Conception of Life
Chapter 4 … Faith and Belief
Chapter 5 … Devotional Life and Religious Practices in Islam
Chapter 6 … The Cultivation of Spiritual Life
Chapter 7 … The System of Morality in Islam
Chapter 8 … The Political System of Islam
Chapter 9 … The Judicial System of Islam
Chapter 10 … The Economic System of Islam
Chapter 11 … The Muslim Woman
Chapter 12 … The Status of Non-Muslims in Islam
Chapter 13 … Muslim Contribution to the Sciences and Arts
Chapter 14 … General History of Islam
Chapter 15 … Daily Life of a Muslim

Dr. Hamidullah’s meticulous examination of these topics not only educates but also fosters a greater appreciation for the multifaceted nature of Islam. This book serves as an invaluable resource for those seeking to grasp the intricacies of Islamic teachings and their broader impact on various aspects of life, making it an essential read for both scholars and those with a general interest in understanding Islam.

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