Ilmi Urdu General Knowledge Book by Rai Mansab Ali

Ilmi Urdu General Knowledge Book by Rai Mansab Ali

The “Ilmi One Liner Urdu General Knowledge Book” is an essential resource for individuals preparing for PCS (Provincial Civil Service) and PMS (Provincial Management Service) exams in Pakistan. This book covers a lot of valuable information on various subjects such as history, geography, science, current affairs, and more.

The book’s content is helpful for students who want to prepare for competitive exams like PCS, PMS, CSS, PPSC, FPSC, NTS, and all other job exams. The Ilmi One Liner General Knowledge Capsule Urdu is specifically tailored to cater to the needs of PCS and PMS exam aspirants.

It focuses on providing essential knowledge and important facts that are likely to be included in the examinations. The book’s concise one-line format enables efficient learning and memorization, ensuring that readers can easily recall the information during the exams.

GK in Urdu PDF by Ray Mansab Ali

Whether you are a PCS or PMS exam candidate or simply an individual looking to enhance your general knowledge, the “Ilmi One Liner General Knowledge Capsule Urdu” is a valuable resource. Its comprehensive content, convenient format, and accessibility make it an indispensable companion for exam preparation and a reliable reference for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of Pakistan and beyond.