Ghazwa Khandaq MCQs Urdu Pdf Note

Ghazwa Khandaq MCQs Urdu Pdf Note Download

Here are the Ghazwa Khandaq MCQs Pdf Notes that provide a lot of multiple informative questions related to Ghazwa Khandaq the battle of Battle of Trench. These Urdu MCQs are equally important for all types of competitive exams.

Which Ghazwa is Called the Battle of Trench:

Ghazwa Khandaq, commonly called the Battle of the Trench, was a crucial conflict in Medina, Saudi Arabia, in 627 AD. Under Prophet Muhammad (SAW) leadership, Muslims engaged the Meccans and their allies in battle. The trench built around Medina as a defense against the invading Meccan army bears the battle’s name. The Muslims successfully defended Medina from the Meccan onslaught with the aid of their friends.

غزوہ خندق سوالات

MCQs of Ghazwa Khandaq PDF

The Battle of Khandaq was a turning point in early Islamic history by demonstrating the Muslim people’s military prowess and solidifying their community’s power and solidarity. It is regarded as one of the most important things as well.

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