Ghazwa Badr to Ghazwa e Doomat tul Jindal MCQs Pdf Notes

A comprehensive set of multiple-choice questions in Urdu about the first Ghazwa of Islam can be found in the Ghazwa Badr MCQs PDF. The PDF includes a wide variety of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that address numerous aspects of the war, including the circumstances leading up to it, the tactics used by Muslims and non-Muslims, and the consequences of the battle. This PDF’s objective is to give students and professionals a helpful resource for learning about the first Ghazwa of Islam and assessing their understanding through multiple-choice questions.

As the first conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims in Mecca, the Ghazwa Badr is a crucial moment in Islamic history. The conflict, which took place in the year 624 AD, is seen as a turning moment in the development of Islam. The MCQs in the PDF are specially made to cover several facets of the conflict, such as the number of soldiers on each side, the weaponry employed, and the key moments that transpired during the conflict.

The PDF is a fantastic tool for people who are interested in learning more about the first Ghazwa of Islam because it offers a thorough collection of MCQs associated with it. It is particularly helpful for students and professionals who want to use multiple-choice questions to assess their knowledge before taking competitive exams that cover Islamic history.

غزوہ بدر سے غزوہ دومہ الجندل مختصر سوالات جوابات

First Ghazwa of Islam MCQs

Ghazwa e Badr to Ghazwa e Doomat tul Jindal MCQs


Which was the first ghazwa of Islam?

The first ghazwa of Islam was the Ghazwa-e-Abwa. However, the first major ghazwa of Islam was the Ghazwa-e-Badr.

When ghazwa e Badr was fought?

Ghazwa-e-Badr was fought on 17 Ramadan in the second year of Hijri, which corresponds to March 13, 624 CE.

Ghazwa Badr in which Hijri?

Ghazwa Badr took place in the second year of Hijri, which corresponds to 624 CE.

Ghazwa Badr was fought against?

Ghazwa-e-Badr was fought against the Mushrikeen of Mecca, who had come with a large army (1000) to stop the Muslims from reaching their destination of Madinah.

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