The Best Book for English Grammar Practice by Geraldine Woods

Here is the Best Book for English Grammar Practice Questions by Geraldine Woods. It has 1001 Practice questions of English Grammar that are very helpful for learning the grammar by doing practice questions. This book is very important for preparation of any kind of standard test of English grammar.

What can 1001 Grammar Questions do for you?

(A) provide a bit of fun if you like quizzes
(B) prepare you for standardized tests
(C) help you earn higher grades and increase your chances of getting a better job
(D) keep you up to date on recent trends in grammar
(E) all of the above

Table of Contents:

CHAPTER 1: Telling Time: Identifying the Verb and Choosing the Correct Tense.
CHAPTER 2: Working with Irregular, Helping, and Descriptive Verb Forms.
CHAPTER 3: One Cool and One Hot Topic: Forming Plurals of Nouns and Pronouns.
CHAPTER 4: Reaching an Agreement: Pairing Subjects and
CHAPTER 5: Matchmaking: Pairing Pronouns and Antecedents……
CHAPTER 6: Pronouns on a Case-by-Case Basis.
CHAPTER 7: Forming Complete Sentences.
CHAPTER 8: Moving Beyond the Basics: Adding Descriptions…………
CHAPTER 9: Going Long: Descriptive Phrases and Clauses.
CHAPTER 10: Writing Gooder Better Comparisons.
CHAPTER 11. Correct with a Capital C: Capitalization.
CHAPTER 12: Exercising Comma Sense: Placing Commas Correctly.
CHAPTER 13: A Smooth Ride to Meaning: Apostrophes and Quotation Marks.
CHAPTER 14: Seeking Unity and Balance: Parallelism.
CHAPTER 15: Cutting Repetition and Wordiness.
CHAPTER 16: Breaking Patterns to Create Interesting Sentences.
CHAPTER 17: More on Verbs: Voice and Mood.
CHAPTER 18: Tailoring Your Writing for Electronic Media.
CHAPTER 19: Choosing Language to Suit Your Audience.
CHAPTER 20: Confusing Word Pairs.
CHAPTER 21: Making Proper Word Choices.
CHAPTER 22. Identifying Nonstandard Expressions.

CHAPTER 23: Answers.

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