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    Information About Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

    Information about Sir Syed Ahmed Khan:

    Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was a Muslim scholar and educationist who lived in India during the British Raj. He is considered one of the most influential Muslim leaders of his time and is widely regarded as the “Father of Muslim Modernism”.

    Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was born in 1817 in Delhi, India. His father, Syed Hussain, was an Islamic scholar and educator who had a huge influence on his son’s life.

    Syed Ahmad Khan’s family had a strong connection with Mughal royalty. They were also related to the Nawab of Awadh (a province in present-day Uttar Pradesh). This connection allowed him to pursue higher education at Aligarh University, which had been established by Sir Sayyid’s grandfather, Wazir Ali Khan.

    Base of Ideology of PakistanisIslamic code of life
    The main sources of ideology are3
    Islam is a code of:Life
    Many nations gained independence during:20th Century
    When Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was born:October 17, 1817 AD
    Where was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan born?Delhi
    Was it the name of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s father?Syed Muhammad Taaqi
    What was the name of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan ‘s mother?Azeem Un-Nisa Begum
    The family of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan is associated with:Mughal Court
    Who was the grandfather of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan?Syed Muhammad Hadi
    Sir Syed’s father died in:1838
    In ____he joined Commissioner’s office as a:1939, Naib Munshi
    Who was the first leader expounding on the idea that Hindus and Muslims are separate nations?Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
    Sir Syed Ahmed Khan founded the “Scientific Society” in the year of:1864
    Where did Sir Syed Ahmed Khan set up a scientific society?Ghazi Pur
    Scientific Society translated the modem work from?English to Urdu
    Scientific Society published a journal in?1866 AD
    In____sir Syed Ahmed Khan got an opportunity to go to England?April, 10 1869
    When did Sir Syed Ahmed Khan go to England?1869
    How many years did Sir Syed Ahmed Khan stay in England?2 years
    M.A.O school established at?Ali Garh
    When M.A.O was established in:1875 AD
    When M.A.O was upgraded to college?1877
    M.A.O college inaugurated by?Lord Lytton
    When M.A.O became university71920
    Who wrote “Risala-e-Asbabi-Baghawat-Hind”?Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
    When did Sir Syed Ahmed Khan write “Risala-e-Asbabi-Baghawat-Hind”?1859 AD
    Sir Syed Ahmed Khan founded the “Patriotic Association” in1888
    Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Founded “Patriotic Association” to:Counter Anti-Muslim Propaganda of Hindus
    The Muslim institution established by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to create political awareness among Muslims was:Muhamadan Educational conference
    The issue which made Sir Syed Ahmed Khan conclude that Hindus and Muslims could not work together anymore was:Hindi Urdu Controversy
    Urdu Hindi controversy started in:1867 AD
    Was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan elevated to the position of chief judge?1867 AD
    Sir Syed Ahmed Khan received the title of knight in:1888 AD
    Sir Syed Ahmed Khan retired as a judge in.1876 AD
    Sir Syed Ahmed Khan set up school at?Murad Abad
    When did Sir Syed Ahmed Khan set up school at Murad Abad?1859 AD
    In 1863 Sir Syed Ahmed Khan established a school in which city?Ghazi Pur
    school was established in Ghazi Pur?Victoria
    Who wrote the magazine Tehzib Ul-Akhlaq?Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
    Who founded ANJUMAN-I-TEHREK-URUD?Maulvi Abdul Haq
    His son_____was in habit of drinking.Sayid Mahmood
    Sir Syed Ahmed Khan opposed______Indian National Congress
    ______book was written by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan:Khutba-e-Ahmadia
    Who introduced the two-nation theory?Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
    In______sir Syed Ahmed got the title of Sir by British Indian Government:1867
    When did Sir Syed use the word two-nations?1868 AD
    When did Sir Syed Ahmed khan died:March 27 1898 AD

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