Fri. May 19th, 2023

    Salam to everyone! This is a 250 Important Words Vocabulary Pdf Notes which is very helpful for English learning and also important for English subject preparation for job tests. These notes are also equally important for School and College Students. It contains a list of vocabulary words with meaning, sentences, synonyms, and antonyms of every word.

    Words for Vocabulary Pdf Notes

    Some Examples:

    1- Ignominious (Adj)

    • Meaning: embarrassing because of being a complete failure.
    • Sentence: an ignominious defeat/failure/retreat
    • Synonym: humiliating, undignified, embarrassing,
    • Antonym: glorious, admirable

    2- Maraud

    • Meaning: go about in search of things to steal or people to attack. Raid and plunder (a place).
    • Synonym: plunder, go looting
    • Antonym: Guard, protect
    • Sentence: ‘bands of robbers crossed the river to maraud

    3- Egregious

    • Meaning: outstandingly bad; shocking, remarkably good.
    • Synonym: atrocious, deplorable
    • Antonym: concealed, good
    • Sentence: “egregious abuse of copyright”

    4- Acrimony

    • Meaning: bitterness or ill feeling.
    • Synonyms: ill feeling, ill will, bad blood, animosity, hostility, enmity,
    • Antonym: goodwill
    • Sentence: “the AGM dissolved into acrimony”

    5- Succumb

    • Meaning: die or surrender
    • Synonym: cease, give away, defer
    • Antonym: continue, defend, fight
    • Sentence: I’m afraid I succumbed to temptation and had a piece of cheesecake.