Fri. May 19th, 2023

    These are the most repeated English MCQs in PPSC Pdf, these questions and answers are equally important and helpful for all exams like NTS, FPSC, CSS, PMS etc. if you want to prepare for the English competitive test then these MCQs is very helping for you.

    Most Repeated MCQs of English

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    Here is a Some of Questions:

    1. There was no opposition to the new policy by the ‘rank and file’ of the Government.

    A. Ordinary members

    B. The official machinery

    C. The majority

    D. Cabinet ministers

    2. “Your guess is as good as mine” means __?

    A. Join a popular trend or activity

    B. To hear something from the authoritative source

    C. To know the answer

    D. To have no idea

    3. The people of the village Afzal Khan are “the salt of the earth”?

    A. Kind

    B. Rich

    C. Educated

    D. Qurralsome

    4. “En-route” means_________?

    A. oneway direction

    B. On the way

    C. Long distance

    D. None of these

    5. “Fender bender” means __ ?

    A. A mammoth car accident

    B. A Huge Car Accident

    C. A small car accident

    D. A major car accident

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