Fri. May 19th, 2023

    Here is an all-important shortcut keys of MS Office that is mostly used in daily work. These keys are also important for competitive job exams preparation like PPSC, FPSC, and NTS and other IT related jobs. You can read it and also download it in pdf from the link below…

    MS Office Shortcut Keys in Pdf:

    :ایم ایس آفس شارٹ کٹ کیز ڈاونلوڈ کریں

    MS Office Shortcut Key Pdf

    Ctrl + BackSpaceDeletes Word To Left of Cursor
    Ctrl + DelDeletes Word To Right Of Cursor
    Ctrl + Shift + FChange the Font
    Ctrl + Shift + LQuickly Create A Bullet Point
    Ctrl + RightGo To The Word To The Right
    Ctrl + LeftGo To The Word To The Left
    Ctrl + DOWNArrow To Paragraph Down
    Ctrl + UpArrow To Paragraph Up
    Ctrl + EndGo TO The End Of The Document
    Ctrl + HomeGO To The Start of The Document
    Ctrl + Shift + SpacebarCreate A Non – Breaking Space.
    Ctrl + SpacebarRemove Character Formatting
    Ctrl + Shift + >Increase Font Size One Point
    Ctrl + Shift + <Decrease Font Size One Point
    Ctrl + BToggle the Bold Attribute
    Ctrl + CCopy Selected Text To The Clipboard
    Ctrl + EAligns The Line Or Selected Text To The Center Of The Screen
    Ctrl + DOpen the Font Preferences Window
    Ctrl + IItalic Highlighted the Selection
    Ctrl + JAligns The Line Or Selected Text To The Justify Of The Screen
    Ctrl + KInsert a Hyperlink
    Ctrl + LAligns The Line Or Selected Text To The Lift Of The Screen
    Ctrl + MIndent the Paragraph
    Ctrl + QRemove paragraph Formatting
    Ctrl + RAligns The Line Or Selected Text To The Right Of The Screen
    Ctrl + SSave The Open Document
    Ctrl + TCreate A Hanging Indent
    Ctrl + UToggle the Underline Attribute
    Ctrl + Vpaste Text From Clipboard
    Ctrl + WClose The Currently Open Document
    Ctrl + XCut Selected Text TO The Clipboard
    Ctrl + YRedo The Last Action
    Ctrl + Zundo The Last Action
    F1Access Online Help or the Office Assistant
    F2Moving Text or Graphics
    F3Insert An Auto Text Entry
    F4Repeat The Last Action
    F5Choose The Go to Command
    F6Go To Next Pane or Frame
    F7Launch The Spelling and Grammar Check
    F8Extend A Selection
    F9Update Selected Fields
    F10Activate The Menu Bar
    F11Go to the Next Field
    F12Choose the Save As Command
    Shift + F1Start Context – Sensitive Help or Reveal Formatting
    Shift + F2Copy Selected Text
    Shift + F3Change The Case of Letters
    Shift + F4Repeat A Find or Go to Action
    Shift + F5Move To a Previous Revision
    Shift + F6Go To the Previous Pane or Frame
    Shift + F7Choose The Thesaurus Command
    Shift + F8Shrink a Selection
    Shift + F9Switch Between a Field Code and Its Result
    Shift + F10Display A Shortcut Menu
    Shift + F11Go To the Previous Field
    Shift + F12Choose The Save Command
    Alt + F5Restore The Program Window Size
    Alt + F4Quit Word
    Alt + F3Create An Auto Text Entry

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