PSC 401 Public International Law Book by Virtual University

The PSC 401 Public International Law Book by the Virtual University of Pakistan is a compelling and comprehensive book that unravels the intricacies of international law, shedding light on its multifaceted dimensions. This book serves as a foundational resource for students who want to prepare themselves for CSS exams.

The book delves into various topics and debates within international law, presenting each with a balanced blend of theoretical analysis and practical insights. From fundamental principles to contemporary challenges, this guide navigates readers through the complexities of international law with clarity and depth.

Public International Law PSC 401 PDF

Content of Book:

  • Introduction to International Law
  • Whether International Law is a Law or Not?
  • Subjects of International Law
  • Sources of International Law
  • Sources of International Law (II)
  • International Law and Municipal Law
  • Law of Treaties
  • Jurisdiction
  • Immunity from Jurisdiction
  • Territory
  • Recognition
  • State Succession
  • Law of the Sea
  • Airspace and Outer space
  • Human Rights
  • Nuclear Law: Major Treaties
  • Nuclear law (NPT and IAEA)
  • International Law on Terrorism
  • International On Terrorism (II)
  • Law of Refugees
  • Use of Force and UN Charter
  • Use of Force (Unlawful)
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • State Responsibility
  • Pacific Settlement of Disputes
  • International Law on Siachen Issue
  • International Law on Sir Creek Issue
  • International Law on Kashmir Dispute
  • International Law and Issue of Non-State Actors
  • International Criminal Law
  • International Law of the and Pakistan
  • International Humanitarian Law and Pakistan
  • International Court of Justice Decisions
  • Legal Aspects of the Atlantic Case
  • International Court of Justice and the Leading Judgments
  • Islamic Concepts of International Law
  • International Trade Laws
  • Concept of Implementing Legislation
  • International law of Money Laundering
  • Working on Selected United Nations Bodies
  • Case of a Multi-Lateral
  • Treaty Negotiations
  • Future International Law Challenges
  • Conclusion and Overview

The book is characterized by its engaging style, supported by case studies, practical examples, and references to landmark legal decisions. It caters not only to academia but also to those grappling with the practical implications of international law in today’s dynamic world.

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