International Relations by Ayesha Younas

International Relations Notes by Ayesha Younas PDF Download

Here are the International Relations Notes by Ayesha Younus. The best source for CSS exam preparation. This comprehensive book provides a multifaceted landscape of international relations, offering readers a deep understanding of the intricate interactions between nations and the world.

The book further examines essential topics such as international security, foreign policy, sovereignty, and the strategic aspects of international relations. It sheds light on intricate matters like the balance of strength, strategic cultures, and the dynamics of the international political economy.

International Relations Notes Compiled by Ayesha Younus

Part 2:


Topic 1: The Definition and Scope of International Relations.

Topic 2: The Nation-State System

Topic 3: Evolution of International Society

Topic 4: Theories and Approaches: The Classical Approaches-Realism

Topic 5: Theories and Approaches: The Classical Approaches-Idealism/Liberalism

Topic 6: Theories and Approaches: The Scientific Revolution-Behavioral Approach, System Approach

Topic 7: Theories and Approaches; Neo-Realism and Neo-Liberalism

Topic 8: Theories and Approaches; Post-modernism, Critical Theory, Feminism, and Constructivism

Topic 9: International Political Security (IPS): Conceptualization of security in the Twenty-First Century

Topic 10: IPS: Power. Elements of National Power

Topic 11: IPS: Balance of Power

Topic 12: Foreign Policy, Determinants, Decision Making and Analysis

Topic 13: Sovereignty

Topic 14: National Interest

Topic 15: Strategic Approach to International Relation: War

Topic 16: Strategic Culture, Determinants of Pakistani Strategic Culture.

Topic 17: International Political Economy; Theories in IPE: Mercantilism, Economic Liberalism, and Neo- Marxism

Topic 18: IPE: Theories of Imperialism, Dependence and Interdependence discourse

Topic 19: International political community: Nationalism

Topic 20: International political community: Globalization

Topic 21: Approaches to Peace: Diplomacy

Topic 22: Approaches to Peace, International Law

Topic 23: Arms Control Disarmament, and Nuclear Non proliferation Regime

Topic 24: International Political Institution United Nations (along with Reforms)

Topic 25: International Political Institution: International Monetary Fund (IMF) (along with Reforms)

Topic 26: International Political Institution: World Bank (along with Reforms)

Topic 27: International Political Institution: International Court of Justice

Part 2:

  1. International Relation between two Wars: Russian Revolution
  2. International Relation between two Wars: Fascism
  3. International Relation between two Wars: League of Nations
  4. International Relation between two Wars: Second World War
  5. Cold War: Decolonization in Asia and Africa
  6. Cold War: Rise of the United States and Soviet Union, Era of Tight Bipolarity, D├ętente and Loose Bipolarity, Revival of Cold War
  7. Post Cold War: End of History, Unipolarity (New World Order), Revival of Multi-Polarity
  8. Post Cold War: Terrorism
  9. Post-Cold War: End of History and Clash of Civilizations
  10. Post Cold War: Globalization
  11. Foreign Policy: Russia
  12. Foreign Policy: China
  13. Foreign Policy: UK
  14. Foreign Policy: India
  15. Foreign Policy: USA
  16. Foreign Policy: Pakistan
  17. South Asia: Peace-making and Peace-Building in South Asia: Analytical Overview of peace Processes between and Among the states of South Asia Especially Between India and Pakistan.
  18. South Asia: India and Pakistan
  19. South Asia: Afghanistan
  20. Weapons of Mass Destruction: Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
  21. Contemporary Issues: Palestine Issue

Readers will discover a comprehensive discussion on international institutions, including the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank. The e-book additionally addresses contemporary problems like globalization, nationalism, and the pursuit of peace via international relations and international law.

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