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Subcontinent History is the most important topic for CSS, PMS, and all other competitive exam preparation. These Indo-Pak History Notes have a lot of information about Muslim rule on the subcontinent from the beginning of Muslim’s arrival in this region to the end of the Mughal empire. These notes were written by Ahtisham Jan Butt (Assistant Professor, COMSATS Lahore).

These notes delve into the impactful contributions of Muslim leaders who have left an enduring mark on India’s history. The book explores the intriguing intricacies of the Mongol Policy adopted by the Sultans of Delhi and examines the factors that led to their decline. Venturing into the Mughal era, it unveils the reigns of Humayun, Sher Shah Suri, and the celebrated Akbar the Great.

The Golden Period under Shah Jahan’s rule, with its magnificent Mughal architecture and flourishing art, is meticulously chronicled. With a keen focus on historical accuracy, the book also sheds light on Aurangzeb Alamgir’s reign and the factors contributing to the eventual decline of the Mughal dynasty.

Indo Pak History Notes Pdf


  • Muhammad Bin Qasim
  • Mahmood Ghaznavi
  • Iltutmish (1211-1236) (Iltutmish as Real Founder of Sultanate Period)
  • Ghiyas-ud-din Balbun (1266-1287)
  • Ala-ud-din Khilji (1296-1316)
  • Mongol Policy of the Sultans of Delhi
  • Projects of Mohammad bin Tughlaq (1325-1351)
  • Firuz Shah Tughlaq (1351-1388)
  • Causes of the Decline of Sultans of Delhi
  • Humayun (1530-40, 1555-56)
  • Sher Shah Suri
  • Akbar the Great
  • Shah Jahan’s Period as a Golden Period
  • Mughal Architecture
  • Propagation of Painting under Mughals
  • Aurangzeb Alamgir
  • Causes of Decline of Mughals

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Chronological order of the Sultans of Delhi:

Slave Dynasty:

Sultan Qutb-ud-din Aibak                                          1206-10

Sultan Shams-ud-din Iltutmish                                  1211-36

Razia Sultana                                                            1236-40

Sultan Nasir-ud-din Mahmood                                   1246-66

Ghiyas-ud-din Balban                                                1266-86

Prince Mohammad ==== elder son of Balban                                                   

Bughra Khan          ==== younger son of Balban

Kaiqbad                  ==== son of Bughra Khan

Khilji Dynasty:

Jalal-ud-din Khilji                                                       1290-1296

Ala-ud-din Khilji                                                         1296-1326

Tughlaq Dynasty:

 Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq                                             1320-1325

 Mohammad bin Tughlaq                                           1325-1351

 Feroz Shah Tughlaq                                                  1351-1388

Sayyid Dynasty:

Khizr Khan 

Mubarak Shah

Muhammad Shah

Alam Shah

Lodhi Dynasty:

Bahlol Lodhi                                                               1451-1488

Sikandar Lodhi                                                           1489-1517

Ibrahim Lodhi                                                             1517-1526

Chronological order of the Mughals

Babur                                                                         1526-1530

Humayun                                                                    1530-40, 1545-56

Akbar                                                                          1556-1605

Jahangir                                                                      1605-1628

Shah Jahan                                                                 1628-1658

Aurang zaib Alamgir                                                    1658-1707

Indian History Notes by Ehtisham Jan Butt is an invaluable resource for history enthusiasts, scholars, and anyone seeking to grasp the rich tapestry of India’s past. Through comprehensive research and expert narration, this book presents an engrossing and informative account of the illustrious leaders who shaped the course of Indian history, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to resonate today.

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