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“Perspectives: Essential CSS English Essays by CSPs” is a comprehensive collection of thought-provoking essays, meticulously compiled for CSS (Central Superior Services) aspirants and individuals interested in enhancing their understanding of crucial global and national issues. This book presents a diverse range of topics vital for CSS examination preparation and provides insightful perspectives on significant challenges faced by the world and Pakistan.

The book covers a wide array of subjects, including global concerns such as the worldwide energy crisis, global warming, the perils of the Muslim union, and the transition of the world order from unpopular to multipolar. These essays shed light on the intricacies of these issues, offering in-depth analysis and encouraging readers to engage with them critically.

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Furthermore, the book delves into pressing national matters, such as the crisis of good governance in Pakistan, disaster management, the status of women in Islam, corruption, the power of media, and the need for good governance. These essays provide invaluable insight into the challenges faced by Pakistan and propose potential solutions for a brighter future.

Moreover, “Perspectives” highlights the economic cost of the energy crisis in Pakistan, addresses the mismanagement of natural resources, and advocates for effective strategies to combat this issue. Additionally, it explores the flaws within the education system, questioning what has gone wrong and suggesting possible remedies.

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Content of the Book:

  • Perils of the Muslim Union
  • Disaster Management in Pakistan
  • World Order: Unipolar to Multipolar
  • Global energy crisis, Global warming
  • Power of Media in the Modern World
  • Crisis of Good Governance in Pakistan
  • Corruption In Pakistan Mother of all ills
  • Status of Women in Islam, Liberal Education
  • Global Zero: World without Nuclear Weapons
  • The New Great Game and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy
  • Economic cost of energy crisis in Pakistan and the way forward
  • What has gone wrong with the system of  education in Pakistan?
  • Pakistan Rich in Natural Resources  But Poor in their Management

Written by distinguished CSPs (Civil Service of Pakistan) who possess a profound understanding of the subject matter, these essays offer a comprehensive analysis of the topics, presenting a balanced and well-reasoned viewpoint.

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