This is a CSS Pakistan Affairs Notes by Ayesha Younus in PDF file. These notes are very important for CSS and PMS competitive exam preparation. These Notes discuss lots of topics like the Ideology of Pakistan, Muslim Rulers in the subcontinent, Movements in this region, and more. Please Download this book from the link below.

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1) Ideology of Pakistan-Definition and Elucidation

2) Muslim Rule in Subcontinent-Downfall and Efforts for Renaissance

3) Movements for Reforms-Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi

4) Movement of Reforms: Shah Walli Ullah

5) Movement of Reforms-Syed Ahmed Shaheed Barelvi

6) Educational Institutions-Aligarh Movement

7) Educational Institutions-DEOBAND

8) Educational Institutions-NADWA

9) Ideology of Pakistan in the Light of Statements of ALLAMA IQBAL

10) Ideology of Pakistan in the Light of Statements of QUAID E AZAM

11) Land and People of Pakistan-Geography

12) Land and People of Pakistan-Agriculture

13) Land and People of Pakistan-Natural Resources

14) Land and People of Pakistan-Education

15) Land and People of Pakistan-Industry

16) Land and People of Pakistan-Society

17) Nuclear Program of Pakistan, Its Safety and Security; International Concerns

18) Civil Military Relations in Pakistan

19) Political Evolution Since 1971

20) Pakistan and US War on Terror

21) Foreign Policy of Pakistan post 9/11

22) Evolution of democratic system in Pakistan

23) Ethnic Issues and National Integration

24) Hydro-politics; Water Issues in domestic and regional context

25) Pakistan’s National Interest

26) Critical Analysis of Economic Survey              

27) Critical Analysis of Previous and Current Budgets

28) Critical Analysis of problems and performance of major sectors

29) Pakistan and changing regional Apparatus

30) The Recent Constitutional and Legal Debates, the Latest Constitutional Amendments and Important Legislations, Legal Cases and the Role of Higher Courts

31) Topic 31: Non-Traditional Security Threats in Pakistan: Role of Non-State Actors

32) Current Scenario of Pakistan-Ratings

Pakistan Affairs CSS Book Pdf

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