Thu. May 18th, 2023


    This is a Book of Precis Writing by Zahid Ashraf. This book is one of the best for precise writing for CSS exam preparation, it contains all past papers of precis writing from 1990 to tell now, and this book is by Jahangir’s world time publishers. All CSS aspirants should download and read this book as it has all past papers of precis writing. This booklet is very useful for CSS, PMS, and all other relevant exams. Download a scanned copy of the original book from the link below.

    Precis Writing by Zahid Ashraf PDF Free Download

    Content of the Book:

    Solved Precis Writing of CSS Past Paper

    CSS 1990

    CSS 1991


    CSS 1993

    CSS 1994

    CSS 1995

    CSS 1996

    CSS 1997

    CSS 1998

    CSS 1999

    CSS 2000

    CSS 2001

    CSS 2002

    CSS 2003

    CSS 2004

    CSS 2005

    CSS 2006

    CSS 2007

    CSS 2008

    CSS 2009

    CSS 2010

    CSS 2011

    CSS 2012

    CSS 2013

    CSS 2014

    CSS 2015

    CSS 2016

    CSS 2017

    CSS 2018