Thu. May 18th, 2023

    These notes were compiled by Ayesha Younas and it has discussed the History of the USA in detail from ancient times to now, and have all information from 1492 to 2015. It is very helpful for CSS, PMS, and other exam preparation.

    History of America


    1) Introduction: From ancient times to 1492

    2) Introduction: Advent of the Europeans to British supremacy (1492-1606)

    3) USA as a British Colony (1606-1783).

    4) USA as an Independent Country (1783 – 1819)

    5) Expansion of USA: From 13 to 50 States (1820 – 1949)

    6) Constitution of the USA: Salient Features

    7) Civil War between the North and the East (1850 – 1869)

    8) Industrialization and its emergence as one of the world powers (1870 -1916)

    9) USA’s role in the Two World Wars (1914 – 1918 & 1939 – 1945)

    10) Post 1945 world scenario and emergence of USA and USSR as the Two World Powers.

    11) American Role in patronizing UNO and International Organizations 1945 – 2012

    12) American Role in Cold War and its emergence as the Sole Super Power (1945 -1990).

    13) International Concerns of USA: An Overview.

    14) The War on Terror: The Role of Pakistan and USA (2001 – 2012)

    15) Global perceptions of the USA.

    16) Progressive Era: Reforms of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson,

    17) The Great Depression and the New Deal

    18) Civil Rights Movement

    19) United States’ role in International Conflicts

    20) US Presidential Election

    21) The US Congress: Role and Functions

    22) Separation of Powers: Check and Balances

    The History of USA

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