Basic Mathematics for PPSC and FPSC in PDF Download

Basic Mathematics for PPSC and FPSC Tests is a comprehensive guide designed to help individuals prepare for exams conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) and the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC). This book focuses on key mathematical concepts and problem-solving techniques essential for success in these tests.

Covering a range of topics, the book starts with “Problems on Ages,” which explores mathematical questions related to age calculations, determining present and future ages, and solving age-based puzzles. It then delves into “Speed, Time, and Distance,” equipping readers with the necessary skills to solve problems involving rates of speed, travel times, and distances covered.

The book also offers a detailed examination of “Compound Interest,” providing readers with a solid foundation in understanding interest calculations, compounding periods, and the impact of interest rates on investments and loans. The topic of “Average” is covered extensively, encompassing mean, median, and mode calculations, along with applications in real-world scenarios.

“Profit and Loss” is another critical area discussed in the book, enabling readers to grasp the concepts of cost price, selling price, and calculating profit or loss percentages. The topic of “Percentage” further expands on this, offering insight into percentage calculations, increase, and decrease calculations, and solving problems related to discounts and markups.

“Simple Interest” is covered separately, focusing on interest calculations based on the principal amount, time period, and interest rate. Lastly, the book explores “Ratio & Proportion,” providing readers with a solid understanding of the relationship between quantities and the ability to solve problems involving ratios and proportions.

Basic Mathematics for FPSC

Basic Mathematics for PPSC PDF


  • Problems on Ages
  • Speed
  • Time and Distance
  • Compound Interest
  • Average
  • Profit and Loss
  • Percentage
  • Simple Interest
  • Ratio & Proportion

The goal of “Basic Math for FPSC and PPSC Tests” is to equip aspiring candidates with the necessary mathematical skills and confidence to excel in their respective examinations.

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